En España: Real
En Europa: Real
En el mundo: Real
Para siempre Real Madrid.

Success though at Real Madrid, would always be measured against those distant glory days that were filmed in black and white. The days when Alfredo Di Stefano was the king of Bernabéu and Real Madrid ruled the football world. It had been 32 years since Real Madrid won a European Cup final. But in 1998 normal service was resumed. It was like the 1950s once again. This time in color.

“Finally Real Madrid was back in the European Cup final and we lived the whole season for that one match, just to win that one match. We were up against Juventus, one of the best team around at that time, with so many great players like Zidane and Del Piero. We had the chance to make history and we did just that. With that goal from Mijatovic we did it and it was fantastic. People weren’t just celebrating in Madrid but throughout the whole of Spain.” -Raul

Two years later Real Madrid had another chance to play in the final. This time against a Spanish team, Valencia. They had done really well in the Champions league but in the end Real Madrid dealt their opponents a deathblow of 3-0 with goals from Morientes, McManaman, and to finish the job off, Raul.

“I particularly remember that era, the wining mentality that we had. We seemed to win things easily and every year we would win something important.” -Morientes

In 2002 with Figo and Zidane at their side there was another Champions league final to celebrate. Once again Raul was on target with the first. But this final will always be remembered for that wonder goal scored by Zidane. So another European Cup for the team of the 20th century. It was Real Madrid’s 9th. Real Madrid identification with the European Cup began in the first year of the competition and it soon became Real Madrid’s trademark.

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